Block Printing Workshop

The art of block printing is an ancient printing technique which was perfected in India and has become synonymous with Indian textiles. Though the practice nearly disappeared due to modern machinery, we are doing our part to keep this cultural tradition alive.

If you find yourself in New Delhi, we offer a block printing experience at the Khushbu workshop. Using time-honored techniques, you will be guided by a master artisan in printing different styles and shapes with wooden blocks. We hope that you will find a deeper appreciation for the skill that is involved, and discover your inner creativity. You will also come away with unique pieces of your very own.

    Block Printing Workshop includes the following:

  • 3 hour session
  • Masala chai and snacks
  • Receive training from a master artisan
  • Practice on a square meter of fabric
  • Print on a beautiful cotton scarf and two tea towels to keep!

  • Please inquire about prices for individuals, groups and various package options.
  • Through advance booking only.


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